7 BELLOTAS® Shoulder Ham (Sliced)...
7 BELLOTAS® Shoulder Ham (Sliced)...

7 BELLOTAS® Shoulder Ham (Sliced) Iberico Pata Negra (20 Months)

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Iberian Shoulder Ham (Sliced)


Net weight
  • Sliced by the machine Blister 3 X 80gr.
  • Sliced by the machine 10 X 100gr.


7 BELLOTAS® IBERICO shoulder ham Pata Negra (Paletilla Ibérica Cebo de Campo) dry cured with love and hung for over 20 months in a 100% natural dryers. Sliced thin iberico shoulder ham for better taste and flavour.

paleta ibérica de pata negra

AÑADA: 2018

natural CURED: +20 months

NO Gluten, NO LaCtose, no aditives, 100% NATURAL

buy iberico ham sliced pata negra

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