Iberian Ham Pata Negra (36 Months)
iberico ham pata negra ham
iberico ham pata negra ham

Iberian Ham Pata Negra (36 Months)

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Sliced Iberico Pata Negra Cured Ham

Sliced thin pata negra iberian ham vacuum pack in a blíster gourmet. Jamón de cebo de campo 75% ibérico.
100% Natural


AÑADA: 2017

dry cured: + 36 Months


Net weight
  • Sliced by the machine Blister 3 X 80gr.
  • Sliced by the machine 10 X 100gr.


 Ibérico Pata Negra ham (Sliced)

pata negra iberico ham sliced thin for better taste and flavour. Spanish 7 BELLOTAS® iberian ham dry cured with love and hung for over 36 months in a 100% natural dryers. These black-foot pigs are fed on cereals and also on acorns at Montanera season.

Pata Negra Iberico ham cured for over 36 months 100% NATURAL

sliced iberico ham

Iberian Pata Negra Ham Sliced Thin for Better Taste & Flavour

jamón ibérico de cebo

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