serrano ham (jamon serrano)
spanish ham (jamon serrano)
serrano ham (jamon serrano)
spanish ham (jamon serrano)

Bodega Ham SERRANO 100% Duroc (20 months)

7B PREMIUM® Serrano Ham 100% Duroc

White hoof Spanish ham dry cured for over 20 months in a 100% natural dryer.

Net weight
  • Bone-in 7,5Kg or Boneless 3,5Kg
  • Bone-in 8,5Kg or Boneless 4,0Kg
  • Bone-in
  • Boneless
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Spanish Ham 100% Duroc (20 months)

7B Premium serrano Ham comes from Duroc race pig fed exclusively with plant-based foods and natural cereals making its meat packed with healthy fats and protein.

7B PREMIUM Serrano ham

The prolonged process of natural drying gives the meat an extra boost in its taste, fragrance, and flavor. Duroc pigs are juicier and more tender in texture too. The ham’s fat gives off the aroma of hazelnut without much pronounced salty tones.

serrano ham, jamon serrano, spanish ham

Our serrano ham is clean, totally organic, and contains zero artificial or harsh ingredients. It has no gluten, no lactose, no additives, and is 100% natural.

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