7 Bellotas® Salami (Salchichón Vela BELLOTA)

7 Bellotas® Salami (Salchichón Vela BELLOTA)

Acorn-fed 100% Iberian dry Cured Pork Sausage

Free range acorn-fed 100% Iberian race Salami cured sausage seasoned with peper, garlic and sea salt


Magro pork meat 100% Iberian race, sea salt, garlic, black pepper and Sherry wine

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Salchichón Vela Made 100% Natural

Are you looking to whip up a nice charcuterie for your special grazing table?

Grazing tables are a lovely way to cater to a party not just because it is easy for guests to pick and nibble at food, but also because of its appeal and varied palatable treats.

Whether you are preparing it for a small gathering with friends and family or a big occasion, finding the best and perfect cured sausage is a must.

Salchichón ibérico de bellota

Acorn-Fed 100% Iberico Salami Cured Sausage

Take your spread up a notch with the flavorful Acorn-Fed 100% Iberico Race Salami Cured Sausage. It is seasoned with pepper, garlic, and sea salt. Made from free-range Iberian acorn-fed pigs, our best-selling Salchichon Iberico de Bellota has the finest quality meat giving it a great savor.

It is dry-cured and contains no paprika but the peppery flavors are more pronounced.

7 Bellotas® Salami is unlike your usual salami.

Salachichón ibérico de Bellota

A charcuterie platter without a great-tasting salami is never complete. Surprise your guests and yourself with the gourmet goodness of our pure Iberico sausage.
Alongside its world-renowned delicious flavor, it is an excellent source of protein and contains essential amino acids.
Complete your platter with the world’s finest pork - Iberico de Bellota. This artisanal Salchichon is 100% natural and imported in small batches to maintain its freshness.

NO Gluten, NO LaCtose, No additives, 100% NATURAL

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